A 30 picture day !

Aug 13, 1999…..Rollins MT. Big Sky RV

Went into Kalispell today. I shopped at the stamp store and Rick metal detected.

Home just in time for the Friday night pot luck. Great food! We sat around and talked for a long time afterwards…exchanging recipes and tall tales!

Aug 14, 1999…..Rollins MT

Drove up to Mary Ronan Lake. We spotted a buck in the woods…his antlers still in velvet. What a beautiful sight! Actually saw quite a few does in the area. And Owls…sitting patiently on fence posts, waiting for field mice. We traveled up and down dirt roads…love what we see in these out of the way places.

There was a tiny resort tucked up a back road…with little log cabins that looked like something out of Hansel and Gretel. Flowers everywhere. We got a shake at the ‘Crawdad Cafe’ and drank it in….along with a pastoral view of the lake.

The sky was so gorgeous today. We drove around Flathead Lake…went to Polson and photographed all over the place. Barns, and animals, and finally we were just so awed…we stopped and watched the sun set in Montana’s’ Big Sky.’

I took 30 pictures today…no film…no developing costs. No wondering if they turned out. We came home and I downloaded them and deleted the ones I didn’t like. And admired the ones I did! Ah….immediate gratification! Cleared the camera and now I have endless room to shoot to my heart’s content.

Aug 15, 1999…..Rollins, MT

A rainy computer-play day. The digital images from the new camera are crisp and sharp.

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