The home where I grew up.

I joined recently and I have made contact with a couple distant cousins. The bits and pieces of my history are coming together…and it’s an amazing feeling! I found this photo of the house my grandfather built and raised his family…four girls and one boy…my Father. When my Grandmother passed my Dad bought the house and I lived there…sharing the same space and hearing the memories he had growing up.

I remember playing dress up with Mom’s old curtains and catching fireflies at twilight. Of  walking to school in the snow and playing ‘jacks’ on the front porch with my best friend. Of riding my bike over the bumpy brick streets. It was a time when parents thought nothing of letting you just run free all day and come home only when you couldn’t see any longer. An age of innocence and freedom that no child knows today.  I was blessed….so blessed.

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