Visiting the Poindexter’s

October 23 Oklahoma City


We are pinned down by wind again! This happened at the beginning of the trip. The weather channel is talking about winds up to seventy miles per hour. With a tail wind like that we should get home before we leave! But on the ‘off side chance’ that it’s NOT a tailwind I guess we’ll stay here and do the laundry.

Yes, the laundry….you didn’t think this travel business was ALL fun and games did you? (grin)

October 24 Oklahoma City

Rock’n and Roll’n

Tonight there are tornado warnings for several of the places we’ve just been traveling through…so we are NOT complaining about a little wind pinning us down here and rock’n us to sleep. Although that ‘little’ wind turned out to have gusts up to 56 miles per hour!

Rick found a woodcarving store which made the ‘forced lay over’ a lot more fun! And I found a couple of project books there, that are full of “Honey make me one of these…!”

October 25 Hereford, Texas

Teddie and John

We stayed the night with Teddie and John Poindexter, friends we met at Pagosa Springs. They’re both such dear folks and they showed us that brand of ‘Texas hospitality’ that is so famous. We had a wonderful visit.

Teddie even sent us off with her homemade ‘Amish Cinnamon Bread’, one of the the most incredibly delicious breads I’ve ever eaten. I think she said it takes 10 days to make…now that’s a GIFT!

October 26 Albuquerque, NM

“Not Again!”

Just as we were getting into Albuquerque rush hour traffic AND in the middle of construction on I-40 we had another tire blowout on the RV! Luckily there was a dirt area that Rick was just able to scoot over into before the roaring traffic ran us over! I swear that ‘sound’ of a tire disintegrating has got to be one of the worst in the world.

Thank God our guardian angel was working overtime today…


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