Bazzar Del Mundo San Diego, CA

It was one of those days in San Diego when the quality of the air was as sweet and heady as wine. And the sun was so warm that we just left our sweaters in the car.2_7_01_baazar

I love the Bazaar Del Mundo, a shopping plaza, in the ‘Old Town’ section of San Diego. It’s a riot of color and flowers and always the sound of Mexican music floating through the air. The buildings are made of thick cream adobe and the floors are red tile. Each store leads into the next, and the wonderful collection of brilliantly colored Mexican goods draw you on and on. They range from breathtakingly beautiful hand made items like this carved wall hanging to pure whimsy.2_7_01_carving 2_7_01_frogs


Mrs. Frog and all her froglings.

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