A little friend of mine…

I was one of those little girls that ‘loved’ my dolls and cared for them with great care. I never went to bed without tucking them all safely in their beds first!

Butch was a very special doll for those days. For one thing he was a boy doll…not many of those around then. And his eyes were a sparkling brown (not the usual blue) and they opened and closed!  He came with a little blue  outfit but over the years I ‘hugged’ that right into the rag bag. LOL. Mom made the little outfit he’s wearing in the picture…she made so many clothes for them all.

I would give a lot to experience just one more tea party with us all sitting around a tiny table…mom with her knees up to her chin…drinking tea with her pinkie finger stuck out! And chattering to us ‘all’  about things of great importance. What a blessing she was to me.

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