We went to a feast !



Sometimes in your travels something special and unexpected happens…and it happened to us on Sat. We’d met Terri a week ago at the El Rancho de las Golondrinas museum in Santa Fe. She mentioned that she would be cooking at the Renaissance Faire this week and we should stop by and sample the cooking. What she didn’t tell us is she is a master cook and what she is able to do over a fire is extraordinary!

She invited us to stay after the faire had closed for the day and join them for a private feast of roast pig (oh that smell!) and salad from fresh picked veggies. (We watched her walk down and pick them from the garden) and beans and lentils and fresh made chili sauce. And watermelon for desert. I can’t find words to describe just how delicious it all was!

Terri is a such sweetheart and she gave us a memory that we will always treasure. What a gift to others is a generous heart…Thank you Terri!

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