A Game of Chicken

I had been taking pictures of a group of cowboys. Everyone left but this fellow and he decided he would play a game of chicken with the ‘old lady’..

He ran the horses straight at me. I think he expected me to’ light out of there’…But I have an ‘odd’ quirk… I’m usually a wimp but put me behind a camera and I am fearless! (or reckless or stupid…take your pick!).06_30_chicken
When the cowboy was close he fought to wrench the horses to the left but they came so close the viewfinder was filled with rolling eyes and flaring nostrils and I could smell their sweat in the hot rush of air.06_30_chicken3

When they were by me he pulled the horses up sharply and turned in a cloud of dust.

He had a strained look on his face. “That was close”, he said. Then he just turned and rode off. The game was over…

This was the last picture…I’m lucky it wasn’t the LAST PICTURE I ever took!

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