Beartooth Highway Red Lodge, Montana

‘On the Road’ correspondent, Charles Kuralt, dubbed the Beartooth Highway “the most beautiful roadway in America.”06_22_alpinelake

Well, thought, I…I’ve seen some beauty in my time…I’ll be the judge of that! Okay, I’m not done checking it out…but there is every possibility he was RIGHT!

We climbed up from a warm, sunny, bright day to a land of still frozen alpine lakes and fragile tundra. Tiny flowers underfoot…so small you had to kneel to see them.

Beartooth Pass is not a road for someone afraid of heights…the road is a series of awesome switchbacks…speed limit is 25 miles per hour and for good reason. It’s a white knuckle, breath holding, exhilarating experience.

Near the top of the pass we pulled over to hike to a cliff area where in the distance we could see evidence of a past avalanche. When I stepped out of the car the wind hit me like a hammer, whipping my hair into my face and seeping though my light jacket like I wasn’t wearing it…even my teeth ached from the cold.

Head down over my camera I felt icy needles began to pelt me. “Oh great Rick, it’s starting to rain!” “Better check that a bit closer m’ dear.” And, as quickly as that, falling snow began to obscure the view…

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