For years we’ve loved our little Lazy Daze…the dependability, the design and the size. AND then we spotted a 1998 36 foot Fleetwood Bounder in a local parking lot with a For Sale sign on it. “Why don’t we just stop and take a look?” says ‘Himself’.

Beware, fellow wives, of those famous last words…”just LOOK” ! Well, to be fair we are spending much more time on the road then at home…and we have talked about going full time…and how we wished we had more room if that transpired. AND this rig had the configuration that we could work with…to make it just exactly what we wanted…

So here we are…the proud scared owners of a Bounder that after our tidy little rig looks like a train sitting in the driveway! The ‘bad news’ is I’m still suffering a tad from ‘buyers remorse’ and the ‘good news’ is the more work we do on it the more excited I become. It is turning out exactly as we had pictured it.

We have removed one half of an ‘L’shaped couch and installed a full sized computer desk. Rick has built in a bookshelf and installed a wonderful reading lamp next to an easy chair just opposite the desk. So cozy!04_01_new_red_chair

We haven’t left enough time to sell the Lazy Daze before we leave for this year’s travel…so it’s going to ‘rest’ for a while and then (sob) go up for adoption!

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