Getting Ready to Roll

04_25_getting ready


When we’re getting ready to go on the road and we plan to be away for months, my mind is like one of those little hamsters running in his exercise cage. All the thousand and one things that need to be done before we can get out the door all spinning around up there. And no matter how many lists I make or how long I lay awake the night before I always forget at LEAST one thing! (This time is was the extra set of keys for the RV.) Ah well, at least it was the ‘one’ and not the thousand I forgot! Because of the way we had to park the Bounder in our short driveway, each trip was the ‘long way’ around. Man…by the time we got done that walk seemed longer and longer! We’re both ready for the ‘work’ to stop and the ‘fun’ to start!

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