Stellar Jay

One of the joys of sitting outside, watching the constant play of wildlife, is seeing the flash of blue in the sunlight. The Jays with their ‘blue tartan’ wings are the colored jewels of the forest.

We saw an interesting bit of ‘byplay’ this afternoon. One of the little Chipmunks behind the Jay suddenly ran to the top of a log and began a high pitched chirping sound. His little tail was going just like a semaphore!

This went on for about 10 minutes and in this place where there is a ‘herd’ of little critters scampering around us all the time…suddenly there was not a bird, nor a squirrel, or another Chipmunk in sight….just complete and utter silence.

I know that it was an alarm signal but why would that one little creature be brave enough to ‘hold his ground’ to warn away all the others. And what did he know?08_15_jays

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