The Living Desert…revisited!



We enjoyed ‘The Living Desert’ in Palm Desert, California so much the other day that when our grandson Gabriel came for an ‘overnighter’ we took him there for a visit.

Gabriel is 6 years old…bright, sweet, funny and a great companion.

Speaking of his age… When we were driving back to the house he piped up from the back seat. “Grandma, have you noticed how fast time goes by? The years just seem to fly !” Hummm if he thinks they fly at 6 years old…just wait until he reaches the slippery slope I’m on! (grin)

Gabriel enjoyed the cast iron artwork, but the real animals…they just fascinated him. According to him though “Touching a King snake and ‘grooming’ a goat” (only a 6 year old boy!) rated high on the list of an eventful day. That, and the fact we bought him a toy rubber snake that succeeded in the scaring the wits out of his mother when we got home!


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