The Dickens Festival

02_03_big_bikeOne of the joys of travel is finding wonderful, out of the way, festivals. Well, we didn’t need to travel far for this one…it’s almost in our own backyard!

The Riverside Dickens Festival is a weekend of 1860s English marketplace and entertainment. On any day the downtown historic area of Riverside is a treat to walk around…but filled with costumed folks and music playing, the smell of ‘onions and sausages’ sizzling on the grill and other English delicacies casting their ‘come and claim me’ aromas, ahhhh….and the feel of spring already in the air… it was glorious.

Tucked in a corner was a place where stories were told. We watched a talented storyteller weave a tale of noblemen and witches…of beautiful princesses and evil spells. I was every bit as enchanted and drawn in to the story as the youngsters sitting at his feet. What a lost art…that ability to make our imaginations soar!

And if you are in the market for a new Sunday bonnet…this is the place for you!02_03_hats

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