Old West

The showdown between the Marshal and the bank robber! It’s Lucky the Marshal won..considering where I was standing.dynamite

The Marshal tries to get rid of a stick of dynamite. Little does he know..His deputy is in the OUTHOUSE! Oh NO!

An extremely bad time for the dynamite to go off!

They had an old fashioned “Melodrama” at the saloon. We booed and hissed the “arch villain” the infamous Lord Half Nelson! The whole audience had so much fun! (Tiny audience..a lot of interaction!) The villain had boo and hiss written on the inside of his cape..thereby giving us our cue! (Grin)

Rick was so taken with the “fair maiden” that I had to take him out back and hose him down!

I declare, the range of things we’ve experienced on this trip boggles the mind.



If the wind behaves its self tomorrow..we will head back to Hemet. I keep wishing Rick would say, “Let’s keep going” Cause I’m ready!

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