A lazy day at home at the ol “Lazy Daze”. Reading & carving. Steve’s E-mail said “Round one of the job interview went very well.”

Oct 22 Grafton ghost town St. George, Utah

We were the only people here today, in this deserted town, but I didn’t feel alone. The “ghosts” walked with us..whispering their story. And, of course the brochure we found in a little box didn’t hurt either!

This is a hard place to find.. there are NO signs. We asked one man and missed the road. Stopped at a fruit stand and asked again! Found a second dirt road, made a wrong turn on it. Finally, the remains of this little settlement. In 1859 crops were planted, homes and a school were built..and life was lived..until the floods came and came and came!

A family once sat at this hearth..and visited over this doorstep.10_21_hearth

The wind blows dust across a deserted homestead.


In January of 1862 the settlement fell victim to the Virgin River whose raging floodwaters destroyed much of the town. “The houses came floating down with the furniture, clothing and belongings..including 3 barrels of molasses

Each succeeding year brought more calamities.



The only visitors to the lonely old cemetery, besides us, were the lizards. They scurried among the wind scoured grave markers and over earth baked as hard as concrete.

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