Fishing at Garrison, MT

A “fish story” with a happy ending! Rick went back again to the same hole where the ‘old grandfather fish’ had gotten away from him…and he stalked it! Three times the fish took the bait and either escaped with the bait or spit out the hook. But the ‘master’ would not give up! Waiting a bit longer this time to ‘set’ the hook…he felt the fish fight him. After a tussle Rick hauled him out. AND not only was the hook in, the fish had gotten the line wrapped around his head! In the middle of ‘cowboy country’, Rick had LASSOED A FISH!


The River where Rick caught THE BIG ONE!

This is such a ‘laid back’ park. One of the joys of this kind of travel is finding these out of the way places and ‘nesting’ for a while. Almost have the place to ourselves!8_30_99_park

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