Garrison, MT

I lay in bed last night and listened to the mournful sound of a train whistle far away. Finally my eyes grew too heavy to watch the play of leaf shadows against the blinds. I snuggled down into the warmth of my blankets and went away…I wonder where we go on that trip into soft darkness?

We took off for Helena today. Took an open trolley, called The Last Chance Gulch Tour, for an hour ride through the historic old area. And listened to stories of the Old west. What fun! And JUST as we pulled back in it started to rain. I think it might not have been nearly as much fun in the rain! ( grin )

Then, because it’s just the THING to do on a rainy afternoon, we went to the Helena Museum. They have a wonderful collection of C. M. Russell’s work.

There was one painting that just mesmerized me. It’s of a herd of thousands of Buffalo crossing a river…the steam rising from their bodies. It’s an extremely large painting and the detail is just incredible. It’s called “When the Land Belonged to God’. I bought a postcard of the scene…but seeing the original that was a rare privilege.

CM Russell was self taught and excelled in both sculpture and painting. What an unbelievable talent!

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