Grant-Knoor ranch

This morning we went back over to the Ranch to do some more photography. The cowboy that does the ‘chuck wagon’ is so much fun…we really hit it off. I took him over a print I had done the day before and it tickled him so much that he followed us around chatting, while we photographed. We were the only people in the place.8_27_99_cowboy

His nickname is “Windy Bill”. We couldn’t figure out if that was because he likes to talk so much…or because of the beans he always has simmering on the stove! ( grin ) What a great character!8_27_99_blacksmith-1

We visited with the blacksmith A WOMAN blacksmith. She did all the blacksmith stuff for ‘Lonesome Dove’ but, as she said, she couldn’t play the part cause she wasn’t the right gender! She made and gave us an iron pick…to clean the mud from the grove of our shoes.

Rick went fishing in the afternoon. The RV park is right next to a river ( hence the name Riverfront, no doubt…grin) so for once he could just walk from home. This time he came back with a fish story of ‘the one that got away’! He’s going to go and try that same spot again.

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