Fishing eagle

Aug 24, 1999…..Deer Lodge, MT.

When we arrived at this ‘scruffy’ little RV park…we found that our brake lights wouldn’t go OFF! We were not pleased. Took the RV down to the scruffy auto shop and ‘Buba’ took a look…scratched his head…didn’t have a clue! Back to Missoula in the morning…luckily it’s not far.

Had another of those spectacular thunder and lightning storms. It seems to be the pattern of these parts… Beautiful days and stormy evenings.

We had company this evening…a neighbor came over. She stayed for quite a while and told us the tale of the “Vacation from Hell”! Things have not been going well for her and her 84 year old mother, who is traveling with her. She has already told her mother if she doesn’t shape up she is sending her back to home by airplane! Sounds like things are a little tense in the ol’ neighboring RV! Mama has been living with her for the past 13 years…you’d think they would have worked things out by this time. ( grin )

Aug 25, 1999…..Garrison, MT. Riverside RV Park

It took the mechanic in Missuola 5 min and cost $10 to fix the problem. The difference between a mechanic and a bubba!

I got to have lunch at Fuddruckers again! Rick’ll never know I crossed the wires ( evil grin )

We found a great park in Garrison…going to stay a week, at least. I can’t get over the space in these parks. We are barely within shouting distance of the next RV. In CA you are eyeball to eyeball. Park has lots of trees and right next to a river.

Old fellow here was telling us an Eagle caught a Brown Trout yesterday…but only by one talon. He dropped it practically where we are parked right now…the owner went over and picked it up. It was 14 inch. Guess what Rick is talking about tonight! ( smile )

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