The Willows

We found the most idyllic place to stay…one of the most beautiful campsites I’ve ever seen. AND we have it all to our selves. It’s along a Willow lined stream, in a park like setting.8_22_99_camp

Rick took off to go stream fishing. When he got there a man was just leaving. He said “You from around these parts”? Rick said No… He said “This is Grizzly country, make a lot of noise…I suggest you sing”! So during a “musical afternoon”, Rick caught 7 Eastern Brook Trout!8_22_99_colt

In the green pasture in front of us is a mare and a month old colt. I sat out under the trees and listened to the stream and watched the mama and baby. The colt was so cute…his legs are so long that he has to spread them out like a little giraffe in order to get some grass. Occasionally he would take off running in circles and kicking up his heels…just for the sheer joy of being alive!

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