Playing like adults without supervision

July 27, 1999…..Harvard, ID

Rick is off fishing for the day (with a little metal detecting thrown in for good measure) We actually are doing what we said we would…staying and PLAYING! I wondered if we could slow the pace and it wasn’t hard at all.

The only sounds I can hear as I sit and type this are the calls of birds. And sometimes the buzzing of the bees in the clover that covers the campground floor with little while blossoms. Nary a soul to be seen…all this beauty is performing just for me! There’s one beautiful bird that I haven’t seen before. He has a bright yellow breast and black and white wings.

It’s beginning to warm up. The weather has been so cool…we’ve been spoiled. Think I’ll go outside and finish my book.

July 28, 1999…..Harvard, ID

We went into Moscow. I got my hair cut (ahem…interesting cut I must say)! It’s my own fault I should have noticed Rick came out looking like Harry Truman. I would have settled for Bess but alas I ALSO look like Harry!

Found a wonderful used book store, complete with good conversation and a resident cat named Sox, that drapes himself over piles of books and lets his motor run.

The movie ‘The Haunting’ was on so we took it in. The theater has high backed seats that rock. I liked that better then the movie.

The moon is full and the coyotes are howling up a storm…calling to one another across the river.

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