pow wow

Juy 24, 1999…..Harvard, ID

Rick..my hero! He fixed the scanner! I played and played and played on it all day! We are enjoying this place so much we decided to stay the rest of the week.

Every night I sleep with my window wide open..and since my bed is the height of the bottom of the window and the full length,it almost feels like I’m outside. The cool air just washes over me and I can hear all the sounds of the night.

Reminds me of being 9 years old and staying at “Camp Buckeye” the 4-H camp in Ohio. We slept in tent cabins with netting half way down. Except this time I’m not homesick! I am home.

July 25, 1999…..Harvard, ID

We drove into Coeur D’ Alene today to attend one of the largest Indian Pow Wows in the country. I can still hear the drum beats in my head…haunting and hypnotic. Beautiful costumes…very elaborate. They had one dance called ‘The Owl Dance’ that was for fathers and daughters…quite stunning. When they had all the dancers going at the same time it’s so spectacular. Everything from old chief’s with heavy head dress to tiny little tots in buckskin and a feather! While they were dancing a Bald Eagle flew over the crowd. The Indians stopped what they were doing and danced a special dance in thanks for that…which is considered a blessing.


 One young Indian Maiden had the most beautiful outfit…covered completely with bead work. I picked up the edge and it was so heavy I couldn’t believe it!National Geographic named Lake Coeur D’ Alene as one of the five most beautiful lakes in the world…I can well believe it. We drove into the area through the White Pines Scenic Route. The countryside is lush forests and meadows.



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