Helmer, ID ‘Little Boulder Campground’

At the suggestion of Gaylord we stopped at the little town of Helmer. Actually the ‘town’ consists of one store…it has a little bit of everything, including the famous “Helmerburger”, or as it is commonly know in these parts “The heart attack on a bun”!! If there is anything else that could possibly be put on to a burger it escapes me at the moment. We ate in tiny room, with wood paneled walls, a wood stove, 8 bar stools, and various animal heads hanging about…including a snarling bear with a chef’s hat on and a ‘the cook’ sign hanging around it’s neck.helmer



There was a TV hanging over the bar and the news cast was all about John Kennedy Jr. feared lost over the Atlantic…we talked back and forth with a local couple, sitting near by…what a star crossed family the Kennedy’s are.

There is a local landmark…called Steptoe Butte and we drove up to see the view. Scary….a really, really, really tall Mt Rubidoux (our local hill) with no guardrails and a straight drop…….dooooown. It was worth the drive and all the prayers. (Grin)…You can see forever!7_18_steptoe_butte

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