Buffalo Chip flipping

I so love small towns. We have now attended the 7th Annual Northwest Buffalo Chip flipping championship and we are the better for it! What a hoot! They were getting the chips ready…by taking them out of the boxes and stacking them in a pile. They were provided by the Whitepine Bison Ranch and they were guaranteed genuine, select-grade buffalo chips that have been carefully guarded against tampering.chips

The contest was divided into two categories: politicians and everyone else! (They felt the politicians would have an unfair advantage as they have so much practice at it already!)


There was a flat bed truck of old timers making grand fiddle music while we sat under the trees. Kids and dogs and old folks…Games, laughter and watermelon, The aroma of ‘buffalo burgers’ was tickling our noses. And finally some the best Gospel music I’ve ever heard. I asked the woman that was sitting near me…”Do you know who they are?…They’re wonderful!” A big smile broke out….”Oh yes, I know…that’s my daughter and son-in-law and grand daughter!” So help me I’ve heard girls from Nashville that couldn’t sing like her grand daughter. I went up afterwards and told her now impressed I was with her talent. 7_17-watermelon_boy

It was such a gorgeous day…in the 70’s and sunny, with puffy white clouds. By the time we got back home…it was starting to cloud up. And suddenly…Big forks of lightning and the roar of thunder…the horses in the field across from us began to get spooked and run hard, with their tails arched up…round and round. What a sight! We jumped in the car and went out to shoot. I got several shots of a rainbow over the college. We drove and watched the sunset. They call the country around here the ‘Palouse’. It is undulating green, brown and gold hills as far as you can see. There is nothing in the horizon…just more of the hills. No landmarks…just a few trees planted around the farms. I’ve never seen anything like it. Striking and serene.

Rick stopped the car suddenly and said “Look!” and there on a low sign beside the road sat a Great Horned Owl. He didn’t appear frightened…just stared at us with those huge yellow eyes.

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