We woke to a cool day and a sky filled with puffy white clouds…I was itching to get out and photograph…but the classroom called. Took a 3 hour class on “RVing made easy”…AND I now even ’ I’ know the mysteries of propane, electrical, and the strange world of pipes and drains.

Rick and I sat through a class on Coast to Coast. Found we could join “Good Neighbors” for $89.95 and stay at 600 campgrounds for $11 a night…no buy in or dues. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

This is such a gorgeous campus…trees and ivy and stained glass windows AND a big sense of humor. In the mist of all this grandeur we came across this! …school2

Attended a wonderful play tonight, at the Idaho Repertory Theater…called ‘An Inspector Calls’. A British mystery…just the kind I love.

Beth sent the mail finally…we were beginning to panic. Tomorrow is our last night here. I Looove to get mail. (Except for the bills )

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