Willits, CA

We have the entire campground to ourselves! The owner let Rick use his home phone this morning to send off our E-mail. What nice people.

This morning we drove down to the coast. That gave us about 35 miles of redwoods to drive through. We saw more does with little spotted fawns?what a pretty picture.

When we reached Fort Bragg we strolled down to the beach. Near the wharf there was a boat washed up on the shore. Men were working to remove and salvage what they could from the wreck. One young fellow told us “The boat torn loose from it’s moorings and sustained so much damage that the owner couldn’t afford to have it fixed. It’s so sad?if this was my boat I’d be crying like a baby!” I asked him if he owned a fishing boat and he said “I worked for my grandfather since I was a ‘kid’. One of grandfather’s friends had to quit fishing and offered his boat to me to give me a chance to make it on my own. At nineteen I have enough time to try and see if I can do it?And I love the life so much that it’s something I have to do.”6_26_boat_wreck

A nearby foghorn interrupted our conversation over and over again. That mournful sound and the sight of the boat beside us in shambles made me all too aware of how hard that life might be for him.

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