Quechee, VT

Found a huge antique and craft place in Quechee, VT today. We each bought a warm fuzzy fleece sweatshirt. I have a feeling we may need these soon. The weather is changeable but getting cooler all the time. It’s suppose to be in the 50’s tomorrow.

We were crossing railroad tracks today…hit bottom and broke the safety chain on the tow rig. Finally found chain to repair it. Had to go to a ‘big city’ to do it. Drove by Dartmouth College…it looks like a picture school…red brick and ivy. The kids all look preppy…no long hair here!

Found the well-known “Quechee red barns ” today. It’s funny how many of the places we are photographing are in postcards in all the little stores. Just as the light was going bye bye for the day we came over the hill on a little dirt road…and there was the road curving with the light coming though the golden leaves….the perfect last shot.

Rick is such a joy to travel with…always good natured and considerate and fun! What a joy to have found a life partner…and to love him as much today as I did in high school…a million years ago.

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