Jenne’s farm


Jenne’s Farm is a famous place to photograph and we wanted the early morning light so we got up at 6:30. We had done this scene a few days ago but I wanted this particular light…when we got there we found they were in the process of putting up an electric fence the length of the road that is the ‘leading line’ for the scenic. Lucky I got it when I did.

This was another pretty day. Talked to one woman that said that this is “a poor year for foliage”. That instead of blazing….”it’s lightly toasted”! Since I don’t know any better it looks pretty good to me! But…if it isn’t at it’s best I guess we will just *have* to come back!

I love getting out on little dirt roads and getting lost! We had to stop and ask a rural mailman how to find a main road yesterday. Such beauty all around just for the searching. These days are why sunroofs were invented…I love the cool spicy air that surrounds us when we have it open…and the views…from backlit leaves to starry skies!

Had a scary experience today. We were photographing a ‘sugar house’ at the end of a long hilly lane. Rick parked at the top of the hill to be out of the camera line and we walked about half way back down to shoot. I got the shot and Rick started back up the hill to get the car, which was some distance away. There were a bunch of cows in the field at the side of the road and a cow wandered over to the fence. I walked over to have a short conversation AND up the hill at a gallop and bellowing came a bull…a big bull, with a ring in his nose, and mad at me for trying to pick up one of his ladies! The fence was a single string electric fence, and suddenly it looked mighty flimsy. I backed across the road and stood behind a birch tree…while he paced around and glared at me. Boy was I glad to have Rick pull up. That’ll teach me to speak to strangers!

Norman Rockwell grew up near here. We visited his museum today. What an amazing talent. It’s funny how familiar most everything he painted is…we grew up seeing them all around us. He painted what was in our hearts…those feeling that touch us all.

We called CA today and ask our photo supply place to send more film!

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