Gaysville, VT.

Rick booted my tail out of bed this morning even though there was a misty rain…because he saw a patch of blue! And boy was that a smart move. This was the blue sky, white puffy cloud day I’ve been so impatient to see. By rights my camera finger should be in a little bitsy sling…cause boy did it get overworked today!

We found covered bridges, and little “Grandma Moses” villages with white steepled churches, and rarms with red barns tucked into valleys…all with mother nature’s ‘coming out party’ going on all around them!!


I love the little country stores they have here…they carry an amazing amount of stuff. 9_28_country_store

One Vermont man said” If it isn’t in the country store…you don’t need it!” And he’s pretty close to right.

One funny thing about this area is their lack of public restrooms. You can drive hundreds of miles and there is nary a rest stop and the stores will have signs saying “No public restrooms” I asked in the country store in some tiny town if they had a rest room and she said “No but you just run on next door to my house!”

I’m tired tonight but it’s a ‘good tired’ I feel ‘filled up’ inside.

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