Rutland, vt

It rained during the night…little squares of light in the ceiling as the lightning flashed and the vents lit up!

We went into Rutland today. Stopped by a lake and watched a little girl catch a fish that may be the smallest I’ve ever seen outside a fishbowl! (grin) but she was thrilled. Papa told Rick where to go to catch some” real” trout.

I took a walk in the woods to pick up red sugar maple leaves to press. So quiet…moss covered rocks and the forest floor covered with ferns and pine needles and fallen leaves. It was absolutely silent to walk on and soft and bouncy. And the smell…so sweet.

Well, tonight the ” real world” intruded on us. There was a message from Beth to call home…someone tried to break into the house and apparently was scared off by the alarm. Makes me want to go full time so there aren’t ‘things’ left behind to worry about. This way of life sure simplifies things…and it feels good.

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