roast pig

A hazy day….so while we found wonderful places to photograph…the light was not right.

When we got back to camp they were roasting a 160 pound pig on a spit! Boy did it smell good! The ticket was a dish for the potluck. I brought Grandma Deli’s famous potato salad. We sat with a gal that makes home health visits…so we had a lot to talk about. There was so much meat left over that they were encouraging 3rd and 4th helpings…we brought some back to have on sandwiches tomorrow. Apparently this is a yearly event…a lot of folks came for the feast.

Rick put up the satellite dish tonight for the first time, crystal clear TV. I’m impressed! We bought a little locator to aim the thing…it’s called a “marriage saver” (grin) Sure worked like a charm. The good news is…now we can get the weather station…the bad news is rain is on the way.

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