Gaysville, VT

When we rolled out of bed this morning it was bright and sunny with puffy white clouds! Then I was tickled that we didn’t go back to the RV…cause there were places I wanted to see up this way and photograph in this weather! We would get a couple of miles and stop and I would shoot and then around the next turn would be another great scene. The colors are further along here (up north) than where we are parked.

We were photographing a church with a white steeple against that wonderful sky and there was another couple doing the same, and we started to talk. They are visiting from England. Just the sweetest couple. They are having some trouble both with driving (they don’t pass on both sides in England) and in finding their way….they keep getting lost. But they are taking in all in stride, having fun and” keeping a stiff upper lip and all that”! He said in that wonderful accent…” We didn’t want to take a tour…with our luck there would be 6 women off for holiday…clucking away all the time. We couldn’t have that, could we”?

Heading into Stowe, and traveling through what is the prettiest area we’ve yet seen, we drove up a mountain road to what we thought was a restaurant…well it was, but it was on the top of a mountain! Mount Manfield, to be exact, the highest peak in Vermont. And the only way to get to eat there was by tram. Sooooo we took it! Oh man, was that a thrill…this place is on top of the world! The sun was in and out behind the clouds…casting shadows across these great reaches of fall foliage. It was simply breathtaking!!

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