Burlington, VT

When I woke this morning the trees were raining down a golden shower of leaves. And there were bunnies hopping all over the place. We took a drive up into the hills….’s a hazy day and suppose to rain…my camera finger is itching and the light is lousy! There was one scene with a white church steeple peeking through the colored leaves in the distance…that’s going to be revisited on another day. We came across another of those tiny cemeteries that seem to be around every corner. They tell such stories of loss and pain…but it’s all just an echo now and they feel so peaceful.

We are staying in a motel tonight…prior to going into Montreal in the morning. It seems funny to be in a ‘big city’. Air conditioning (it’s humid again ) and a TV. Clinton’s tape is being played on all the stations…what a sad time in our nation’s history. I’d rather be back in our “little home away from home”. We did get a chance to take a roll of slides in to make sure the camera is doing it’s job and they looked fine. A friend of ours was in New England and shot fabulous pictures and had a piece of lint in the back of the camera! Purple fuzz ball in every picture!

Drove to Vergennes VT. after we checked in…It’s a little town about 22 miles from here. They have a great craft and antique store…huge. They have the best crafts all over New England. This is a much more open area then where we are in Gaysville. If the light was good I’d be going crazy. We’ll have to come back…one nice thing nothing is very far from anything else. Rick stopped to MILK A COW outside the craft store. (smile)

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