Coshocton, OH

We went over to the South Lawn Cemetery today and put flowers on my grandparents grave. It’s a very old place, with moss covered stones, so shaded and well kept. There was an inscription on a marker nearby…that read:

Warm summer sun shine early here
Warm southern wind blow softly here
Green sod above, lie light
Good night dear hearts…good night.

It’s what I would wish for them…

We toured all the historical buildings in Roscoe Village. The ROSCOE HARDWARE STORE is filled with treasures to buy.There’s a blacksmith shop and the doctor’s office. (He went around in a buggy with a local doctor for a year and then…feeling he, perhaps, still hadn’t learned enough….he took a year of school’n before he was a ‘full fledged doctor!’ The doctor’s house was just fascinating. The basement held the kitchen with a fireplace to cook in. The walls were stone and 1814 was carved in a corner stone. (They have done an outstanding job of bringing that time to life!) In the one-room SCHOOL HOUSE, the desks looked a whole lot like the ones I once sat in, carved initials, ink well and all! That I have memories of the “old’ n days” is a bit frightening!)

Then…we took a ride on a canal boat! Two draft horses pulled it along a piece of the original Ohio and Erie canal route. It is the most relaxing way to see the countryside…absolutely silent…the scenes drifting by. We shared the ride with an Amish family. All the little boys…apple checked and barefoot. Those little straw hats…so adorable. The littlest one was named Andy. His mom told me he was born on New Years Day….he was their new years present! The family had been fishing. There was no school today so they took the hired boy (about 13 or 14 year old) and all the little boys in the family for an outing. Drove down to the river in their buggy.

While we were standing in the bow of the boat you could see fish everywhere in the river…Rick is now at the river…fishing pole in hand!

The weather remains beautiful. Clear and in the 80’s. I know we can’t luck out forever…but boy am a glad I had a chance to be in this particular spot while it is so lovely. I took some pictures this morning of the lake with the mist rising off of it. I need to remember everything about the serenity and beauty of this place and take it back with me. It is a soul filling experience.

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