Brookside, OH

Well, we started out with great high hopes this morning…but a few miles out off Effington there was this loud bang under the hood. Rick thought we had broken a fan belt. It turned out to be a broken bolt…the one that holds the alternator down. This had happened to us once before and they had a dickens of a time spotting what the problem was at that time. Lucky Rick thought to check it. Of course it was still dark out….so we had to go back to town and wait for the Ford dealership to open. Only took a couple of hours once they came in.. In the meantime we had a leisurely breakfast and looked through Walmart, the better to stay COOL. That’s a peculiar feeling….every Walmart is every other Walmart. I might as well have been in Hemet…it’s like stepping into a time warp!

We are finally in Ohio! We’ve made reservations for a park in Coshocton (where I was born) for tomorrow. The countryside is just as I remember it….green and rolling hills, woods and farms. And corn as high as an elephant’s eye! (smile) It has cooled down..this is the first time we’ve not had the air conditioner on….feels so good. The Brookside Park, where we’ve stopped for the night is like a resort. Old English lamps with hanging baskets of flowers. A huge pool and several ponds.

I’ve spent the day remembering my home town….(I was 12 when we left)…and wondering what changes nearly 50 years will have brought. Will I recognize anything? Or will time have erased my past?

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