Effingham, IL

Last night, after lights out we just lay in bed and listened to the incredible sounds in the woods around us. I told Rick “the forest is talking to us”. My bed level is almost flush with the bottom of the window….it feels like camping out. It was the first time we’ve needed a blanket at night.

The heat and humidity is back with a vengeance! We are having trouble connecting the computer to a pay phone. (I knew that those first couple of nights were too good to be true!) We were at the phone booth at the campsite tonight and a fellow came dragging by…holding his tee shirt away from his chest. Said “I’m from Canada and this is killing me”! On the news they said this was the hottest day of the year here…lucky us.

This is another beautiful campsite….it’s in a wooded area, with a lake…no doubt why it’s called Camp Lakewood!. The whole country side is beautiful. Rolling wooded hills and farms.

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