‘Roast Bear’





The Olson brothers had a cook-out. It included beef brisket, pork loin and roast bear! (No…NOT the one that’s been running around here!) Everyone brought a covered dish…sure a lot of good cooks in this place!

It still amazes me how much we enjoy the folks in this campground. It’s like camping out with 20 or 30 of your closest friends! We share so many good times together.

A quarter moon was peeking through the pine trees. The campfire toasted our faces and shot fiery streaks, like curly little strings, into the sky. And we talked until the night turned cold.

Kit cooked the meats for the whole group. He’s no doubt tired…no wonder he is gazing into the fire so intently…he’s probably wondering how in the heck he got talked into doing it in the first place!


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