‘The road to Town’

I love these cool misty days…with the sun peeking out and leaving long green velvet sweeps of color across the valley.08_22_valley

We drove into the town of Pagosa, which is 16 miles from the ranch. And then shopped in several of the nice little places they have in there.

This store is the Pagosa Mercantile. Those socks look nice and cozy…With 104 inches of snow in the winter…people around here need cozy!


They have a tiny old-fashioned theater in Pagosa Springs…the kind that is on main street and has a marquee!.Those are disappearing so quickly. We saw a cute little ‘frothy’ tale called “Legally Blonde.” Here you have a choice of two movies…one in the afternoon…one in the evening. Cuts down considerably on the decision making process! (grin)08_22_store

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