I love to scrapbook…it’s something that I do at home all the time. When it’s done with care and with journaling to go with it…it becomes a piece of history. Because so many people E-mail and don’t correspond by letters anymore…bits of antidotal written history are being lost.

I’ve been doing ‘Heritage Albums’…. My mother loved history and she collected the family’s oral and written stories and she passed that information and that love on to me.

I hope someday my grandchilden’s grandchildren will come to know those of us that walked the path before them…not as faded photographs but as people as real and alive as they. After all when they look in the mirror…we’ll all be looking back!

Several of us went over to the lodge and worked on scrapbooking today. I did a page of the ranch where we’re staying. It’s become our ‘summer home’.

Hummm…two days of crafts in a row…I wonder if it’s possible to ‘overdose’ on creativity? (grin)

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