Quechee, Vermont

My ‘Shooting’ finger   Sept 25

The rainy weather continues…I was ‘forced’ to spend the afternoon in Vermont craft and antique shops! I could spend the whole month doing that…of course the operative word is SPEND!

Our Bette wrote and wanted to know how a ‘shooting finger’ could have a nervous breakdown. Well…maybe it’s not…but the symptoms are suspicious….it’s barely eating, it just lies around sort of limp and I had to force it to get up out of bed in this morning!!

‘A Break in the Clouds!’

The morning arrived bright and clear…crisp and cool. A gift of a day…full of red barns and falling leaves. And there were curving country roads…with secrets to show us!

One of the things we most love to do is get ‘lost’! We meander up little back roads, the car’s passage making the leaves swirl up behind us. And through the trees we catch glimpses of such pastoral scenes.There was a man out in his yard…raking and burning leaves. The smoke curling up was causing the light to make beams of light through the trees behind him. And the smell…I think nothing speaks of autumn quite like the sweet pungent smell of burning leaves….09_26_red_barn

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