I just plain love barns! When I was little and spending summers at my Aunt Mary’s and Uncle Howard’s farm I spent a lot of time playing in the barns. I was a solitary child…quite content with my own company.


I would scramble up the loft ladder that was nailed to the wall… and fall into a pile of sweet Timothy hay and watch while the sun poured in through warped boards and the dust motes danced in the long beams of light. The only sound…the soft calling of the barn owls to each other…high in the rafters.

And I’d put my hands under my head and dream whatever kids dream about….

When Uncle Howard milked…there was always a half circle of cats sitting around him and he would squirt a stream of milk at each of them…one after another. Some of the warm milk went into their mouths but most of it just soaked their face and got in their ears and dripped off their chins. It always gave me a fit of giggles to watch them afterwards…furiously licking themselves and each other!

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