Coshocton, Ohio “Feelings”

It’s been a week since the unspeakable happened in America. It’s hard to put into words ‘feelings’ when they go beyond pain…but we all need to talk. It will be the start of healing…this reaching out to one another.

I’ve decided I will NOT hang onto my anger…because I’m impotent to strike back. And anger will drain me…I won’t give up that much control to ‘them’. I’ll trust that there are people who are able, and will, revenge this horrific thing.

I will NOT get up every morning afraid of what the day will bring…because then the terrorists will win. They play a mind game that is every bit as destructive as a bomb.

I will NOT talk about the scary changes that may lie ahead for us. If we dwell on the “what ifs” instead of comforting and reassuring each other, we spread fear…and I won’t do the terrorist’s job for them.

I WILL thank God every single night because He gave me this precious day to rake the leaves, to bake cookies, to take a walk with my husband, to hug a grandbaby.

And, I will never take those things for granted again…how about you?

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