Laughlin, Nevada Heading Home…

Oct 30

It’s always bittersweet to return to a house that doesn’t move! I’m torn between wanting to dig in my heels and holler…Noooooo…and hardly being able to wait until we get there!

This lifestyle is such a joyous way to pass the time…we treasure the adventure and people we meet and the sights we see…but those we love best in this world are ‘back there’….And it’s so sweet to be able to put my arms around them and collect some long overdue…big time…hugs!

Oct 31 2001

The last day coming into our home was a worrisome one. We received word that our son Steve had been in a bike accident and was in the hospital. He’s since been pain and on crutches…but healing well. His sweet grin is back, firmly in place. What a relief…!

Until we take off again..probably in April of 2002…this web site will most likely consist of ‘family’ events. To all of you that have written and to those of you that have just silently ‘ridden’ along…thank you! We enjoyed knowing you were out there…keeping us company on our journey. Best Wishes….Judy and Rick


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