Laughlin, Nevada

The “Geriatric” Las Vegas

We got overcome with ‘cabin fever’ and took off for a few days to Laughlin, Nevada. It’s a glittering little gambling town plunked down alongside the Colorado River. It’s in the middle of the desert…much like a tiny geriatric version of Las Vegas. Their slot machines, however, are just as capable of emptying your pockets as the larger city. (grin)

The view from our room was much like our wallets ended up.



The Riverside Casino was having a special..rooms for $10 a night. That was so inexpensive that we couldn’t afford to take the RV! There is a theatre right at the casino so we went to the movies everyday and played the slots and sampled the buffets (Harrod’s breakfast buffet is a definite ‘winner’! )The lounges have free music and we couldn’t resist going to one show to see the ‘Inkspots’ That was a ‘blast from the past’! But best of all was walking and exploring and breathing in the sharp sweet desert air.

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