Tualatin, OR Roamer’s Rest RV Park

May 30

Oregon has such interesting weather. It sprinkles a little and then the sun comes out and then pretty soon it clouds over and rains for a while and then the sun comes out. Must drive the weather TV folks out of their minds! (grin)

We are about 10 miles from Portland. Back to big electronics stores (which we visited) AND a Fuddruckers ( which you can bet your boots we visited.) They have the BEST hamburgers! (Smile)

This park has, wonder of all wonders, a phone line to each RV! So now we can get on the Internet and play! We made reservations…good luck we did. When Rick was in the office the last place was spoken for.

 May 31

Books. They have always been so important to me. I still have some of my early childhood favorites…well worn from love. My father used to growl at me to “get your head out of that book and go play”! He didn’t understand that I was playing…in worlds he’d never dreamed.

The bookshelf in the RV is always full. I wondered how I would ever satisfy my endless need for yet another good book. That’s before I knew how many fellow travelers have that same need. Many RV parks have ‘book exchanges’. The one here is large and full of current and varied books. The only rule is if you take one…you leave one.

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