Coburg, OR

This was a totally fun day! The Herrons were going to pick us up at our house and we planned to go into Salem to the Iris Gardens. When we woke up there was the pitter patter of rain on our roof. So, all being the adaptable folk that we are…we headed to Eugene instead and the guys dropped us off at a stamp store and they headed to a wood carving store. Was that a plan…or what? They just happened to be having the MOST interesting card making demo at the stamp store and Bonnie and I soaked up information.5_27_herrons2

We stopped at a computer place so Bonnie could look over the current selection. They’re getting closer and closer to taking the ‘plunge’…again!

After working up an appetite spending money, we stopped at the “Golden Arches” for lunch. And then went to see the movie “American Beauty .”

They came back to our house to visit some more…still catching up!

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