Bandon, OR…..Bandon RV Park

May 24

It was a windy drive…down a beautiful coastline. The breeze was really kicking up the white caps. Maybe tomorrow we can do a little beachcombing.

May 25

Today brought a pink nose, sand-filled shoes and a deliciously tired feeling. We did get a chance to beach comb on long lonely beaches. Coquille Lighthouse was our starting point. There are beautiful rocks and shells (well, mostly shell pieces). Rick found a barnacle to send to Gabriel.

We also walked along the jetty, until the waves got so big they started to wash up and tickle our toes. Then it seemed prudent to move along.

Later in the afternoon we went to The West Coast Game Park. They almost always have new cubs of one sort or another and they invite you to pet them. It’s always such a thrill to touch the young wild things.


We’ve been going there for so many years that some of the tigers that chewed on our shoes now have cubs of their own!



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