Klamath, CA

We backtracked a bit South to get into the ‘old’ redwoods. The Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway is ‘stunner’. At milepost 128.40 we took a path into the forest. There is one tree that is enormous and twisted like a corkscrew. What forces, and over how many centuries, did it take to sculpt that masterpiece? I was awe struck…its like being in church.

There was a ‘drive thru tree’ close to the campground so we did the tourist bit!5_21_tour_thru_tree

A couple with a motorhome, that wouldn’t fit through, asked us if they could get a copy of the picture…so they could ‘fake’ it. (Grin)

Then we took Davidson Road down to Gold Bluffs Beach. This is where the male Elk hang out along the ocean.5_21ocean_elk

Apparently the burgeoning antlers are ‘tender’ when they are in velvet and the Elk stay away from the branches that cause them pain.

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