Smith River, CA Salmon Harbor Resort

May 22

This morning we ate breakfast overlooking a large clearing and watched the fog pour over the hills and fold itself in and out of the redwood trees. The Robins were busy finding their own breakfast. Such cheeky little guys…the birds of spring, of my youth.

We only managed to make 60 miles before we found this place. We have an ocean view. I sat out and sucked in the brisk salt air and enjoyed the sunshine and let the distant roar of the ocean smooth my nerve endings into little limp things. Oh, I love this lifestyle!

Several people recommended the “Columbus Pizza Restaurant. This is one of those ‘local places’ that you sometimes find. The owner is a Greek that moved to the area. When we walked in this small unassuming place, that is stuck on the end of a ‘50s’ motel, a man with a marked Greek accent said “This is Greek food…you like Greek food”? Well, now I do! I had Avgolemono Soup (a creamy soup made with chicken, lemon and egg) And Mousaka. We were too stuffed to have desert and ordered one Baklava ( a Greek pastry made with filo dough and honey syrup) to go. The owner said ” Oh, is not enough…I throw in another one”! And as we where leaving he called out “God bless you”. I suspect that was because he knew that after that dinner our coronary arteries needed ALL the help they could get! (smile)

May 23

A quiet catch-up day. Now the RV is clean and the laundry is done. Tonight we have our feet up and we’re watching the NYPD finale. Think I’ll cook up some hot buttered popcorn and drive the neighbors crazy!

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