Hemet then Santa Paula ,Ca

Spent the day at Steve and Adriane’s house. Sister Beth and our two nieces came over. How is it possible that 3 kids, with very little effort on their part, make the commotion of a DOZEN? (grin)



Steve is doing such good work on the web site. This is his area of expertise…Bless his great big heart, what a nice gift to give us.

Bonnie Herron sent an Easter ‘card’ to us…she’s so creative I HAD to go back to Hemet just to see it. It was incredible! She sent an unwrapped egg carton full of plastic eggs. I can only imagine what the post office people thought when they saw that carton!! (grin) Each egg held a message and a tiny treasure. That Bonnie … amazing.



April 30, 2000

Spent the day getting back ‘home’ to the RV. It felt good to pull up the chairs under the Pepper tree and read long into the twilight.

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